faith through it all

Hi friends. This post is gonna be a little different than what I usually post, and it may be pretty long so bear with me. I really wanna take a pause and mention the big, no huge, elephant in the room. For the past two months, I’ve had an internal battle due to the unfortunate … Continue reading faith through it all

a little change will do you good…

That was quite the hiatus if I’ll be honest. Anyways, my life (and my blog!!!) made some changes while I was gone! As you can see from my page domain, I got a new website! (well sort of..) It was important for me to have a little bit of a new look for a new … Continue reading a little change will do you good…

where i’ve been…

Hey guys! Happy Monday! I hope you all have had a good start to your week. I know my week has started out a bit stressful, but I'll get into that later on. I know my family reading this may disagree with my enthusiasm for being transparent with my posts, but the best part of … Continue reading where i’ve been…

Apps I Use Daily

Hey y'all! Happy Wednesday! I hope your day has been great! Now that it's summer, I know we are all winding down and chillin out just a bit. I know I am. I'm excited to turn my brain off for the next few months (kidding!). For most of us out there, apps are slowing growing … Continue reading Apps I Use Daily

The Great Wicker Furniture Debate

I bet you're asking yourself why I would bother writing a whole post about wicker furniture, but the debate ending up being way more interesting than I could've anticipated. So, let me start out with some background information. I move into my first place in July. Naturally, I have to buy my own furniture, and … Continue reading The Great Wicker Furniture Debate

New Blog Design, New Me!

I think we can all relate to needing a little change here and there. I definitely needed some change in my life. My old blog design was very dark and moody, so hopefully this new design will help to brighten things up a bit. I've been busy with finals, but now it's summer!! Cheers to … Continue reading New Blog Design, New Me!

Favorite TV Shows to Binge Watch!

Let's be honest. It rains a TON in Dahlonega. The only thing I want to do when it rains is watch Netflix on my laptop. That gave me the idea to create a list of my favorite TV shows to watch while it rains! The Twilight Zone- This show is a classic! There's something about … Continue reading Favorite TV Shows to Binge Watch!

My Jesus Routine

Hi Guys! Happy Sunday to you all! HAPPY EASTER! What a great day to celebrate JESUS! I hope your week was great! I want try something new where I spend more time with Jesus, and what a better way to start than with this! I know that I definitely need more TLC aka Time Loving … Continue reading My Jesus Routine

Spring 2019 Beauty Favorites and Routine

Happy Thursday guys! I hope your day has been great! I know my week has been pretty good. How was your week? My last beauty post did very well, and since its spring, I thought I would do it again! I'll be honest, beauty takes a backseat in my life recently. Since I don't wake … Continue reading Spring 2019 Beauty Favorites and Routine

Finals Prep Hacks!

Hi y'all! Happy Tuesday 🙂 I hope you guys have had a great week! I know I have! My sister got married over the weekend, and it was the cutest ceremony ever. But now that fun time is over, it's time for work (sadly). The one thing I realized that I needed the most for … Continue reading Finals Prep Hacks!