Apps I Use Daily

Hey y'all! Happy Wednesday! I hope your day has been great! Now that it's summer, I know we are all winding down and chillin out just a bit. I know I am. I'm excited to turn my brain off for the next few months (kidding!). For most of us out there, apps are slowing growing … Continue reading Apps I Use Daily

Favorite TV Shows to Binge Watch!

Let's be honest. It rains a TON in Dahlonega. The only thing I want to do when it rains is watch Netflix on my laptop. That gave me the idea to create a list of my favorite TV shows to watch while it rains! The Twilight Zone- This show is a classic! There's something about … Continue reading Favorite TV Shows to Binge Watch!

Spring 2019 Beauty Favorites and Routine

Happy Thursday guys! I hope your day has been great! I know my week has been pretty good. How was your week? My last beauty post did very well, and since its spring, I thought I would do it again! I'll be honest, beauty takes a backseat in my life recently. Since I don't wake … Continue reading Spring 2019 Beauty Favorites and Routine

I’m Back! (hopefully)

I'm gonna quickly apologize for the lack of posts. My classes aren't any harder than they were last semester, but my work load feels like it has been tripled. I'm hoping to post a real post later today (or week), so look forward to the next post! Remember that you can get notifications of my … Continue reading I’m Back! (hopefully)

Winter 2018 Beauty/Skin Care Favorites!

Before I get into the post, I want to apologize for the lack of posts so far. I'm heading into finals season, so I may not get to post too much due to school. Anyways, here are a few products I cant live without. Most products that I use in the winter are products that … Continue reading Winter 2018 Beauty/Skin Care Favorites!

Dear World…

Hi. I'm Lauren. So, a little about me... I'm a big fan of fashion. Though I always find myself gravitating to the classic t-shirt and jeans combo, I love nothing more than putting together outfits. I love doing this so much that my roommate has found herself victim to many of my creative endeavors. I'm … Continue reading Dear World…