a little change will do you good…

That was quite the hiatus if I’ll be honest. Anyways, my life (and my blog!!!) made some changes while I was gone!

As you can see from my page domain, I got a new website! (well sort of..)

It was important for me to have a little bit of a new look for a new me. My whole page is different so go explore it!

My website title image is different, too! I did it myself, and I’m SO proud of it! (maybe I’ll do a post explaining how I did it and how easy it is to make your own!)

Update: I joined a sorority! It was quite the experience but I’m so happy that I did it! It is amazing to join such an inclusive sisterhood, and I couldn’t ask for better women to surround myself with. Closer to our next recruitment, I’ll probably make a recruitment experience post so you can all learn how my recruitment went!

I also got a new job which actually helped my work ethic in college. Before, I procrastinated far to often, but getting a job helped me to not only earn extra cash, but I also learn how to balance my life. It sounds counter intuitive but trust me… it helped.

With my busier workload, I also gained more experience with organizational skills so get ready for SO many organization tips posts! (and I’m sorry not sorry in advance!)

In another post, I’ll probably go further into how my hiatus helped my mental health, what I did to repair my happiness, and how my heath was impacted by not taking care of my mind.

This was short and sweet but a little bit of a welcome back to my blog!

Don’t worry! You have another real blog post coming your way very soon 🙂

-Lauren :))

What I’m Listening To Now: I cant get enough of this playlist that I made. It reminds me of all those teen movies where they drive around with the top off. Really puts me in the summer mood, and I’m here for it.
Netflix Recommendation: FORENSIC FILES!!!!!!!!!
New Obsession: ruining my sleep schedule… thanks quarantine.

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