The Great Wicker Furniture Debate

I bet you’re asking yourself why I would bother writing a whole post about wicker furniture, but the debate ending up being way more interesting than I could’ve anticipated.

So, let me start out with some background information.

I move into my first place in July. Naturally, I have to buy my own furniture, and I have to stick to a budget so I don’t overspend. I didn’t want to spend a lot, so Facebook Marketplace is a blessing. I found a cute bedroom set on Facebook for less than $500. It included probably around 6 or 7 pieces of furniture. I know. A steal. But they were all that wicker style.

In case you have no idea what wicker furniture is, let me give you an example.

I asked around for some thoughts on it, and I received mixed feelings about it. My boyfriend hated it. Like really hated it. He said it would look great for a beach house, but not Dahlonega. My roommate loved it. She thought it would be great for a shabby-chic look. My mom agreed with her.

I took the debate to my private Instagram. I posted two pictures (one of the bed and nightstand, the other of a dresser, mirror, chair, and table), and waited for my poll to take effect.

  • The first poll (bed and nightstand) showed more people favoring these pieces, but the consensus seems to be in favor of this style.
  • The next poll (the rest of the furniture) was a 50/50 split. It’s safe to say that people are either really for it, or really against it.

I wanted to see a larger audience’s thoughts on this topic so I brought the debate to my public Instagram. The results were mostly the same.

  • It was no secret. Wicker furniture is not popular. However, there seemed to be a small percentage of people who like this style, each individual being vastly different from the others.

Two people responded to my Instagram poll to share their thoughts:

One said: “I think people are thrown off because it’s beachy”

The other voted that they love it, and explained their choice: “I had it as a kid and it’s nostalgic for me”

It seemed like most of the reasoning came from experiences in their youth (citing “memories at Grandma’s house”) or using the cosmetic features of the furniture (citing the chipping or messiness that can come with the furniture) to fuel their opinion.

Facebook seemed to be sort-of for that style, but that may be due to the differences in the audiences. However, it was still almost 50/50.

It was abundantly clear: wicker furniture is not the most popular type of furniture.

I was starting to have more interest in this polarizing belief towards furniture. I mean really, it’s just furniture. However, people felt very strongly for their opinions.

I asked around at work about it, and all the girls agreed that it was cute because it looked vintage. But I know that “vintage-style” isn’t for everyone.

Do people like wicker because it is beachy or reminds them of Grandma’s house? It is a definite possibility, but it can also be the reason why they hate it so much.

One thing is for sure, if Urban Outfitters had a wicker-line, it would move mad units. Maybe Urban Outfitters should put out a wicker-line. Maybe it would move back into popularity.

Long story short, I still haven’t decided whether to get the set or not. For my wallet, it seems like a great idea. It’s cheap, and it would cost me next to nothing. I was never a huge fan of the wicker-style, but I don’t have anything against it like people seem to. I may be able to style it with fake plants to add some green. But as of right now, I’ll still be looking at options.

After all, I still have more than a month to buy furniture. I don’t move in until July, and if it’s still available (because everyone hates it so much), who knows, I may buy it.

Lemme know your thoughts in the poll below! If you put “leave it,” let me know why in the comments!

I’ll have another blog post for all of you on Wednesday!

-Lauren :))

What I’m listening to now: Beautiful Lyrics, a playlist I made on Spotify. I love driving home listening to the songs on here. It’s also great to write blog posts to.

New movie I love: Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile. Ted Bundy is a horrible person, but his story has made for a great movie. The acting is incredible, and Zac Efron and Lily Collins need to get married.

New Obsession: Banana, Peanut Butter, and Chocolate Chip ice cream. It’s sooooo delicious.

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