Apps I Use Daily

Hey y'all! Happy Wednesday! I hope your day has been great! Now that it's summer, I know we are all winding down and chillin out just a bit. I know I am. I'm excited to turn my brain off for the next few months (kidding!). For most of us out there, apps are slowing growing … Continue reading Apps I Use Daily

The Great Wicker Furniture Debate

I bet you're asking yourself why I would bother writing a whole post about wicker furniture, but the debate ending up being way more interesting than I could've anticipated. So, let me start out with some background information. I move into my first place in July. Naturally, I have to buy my own furniture, and … Continue reading The Great Wicker Furniture Debate

New Blog Design, New Me!

I think we can all relate to needing a little change here and there. I definitely needed some change in my life. My old blog design was very dark and moody, so hopefully this new design will help to brighten things up a bit. I've been busy with finals, but now it's summer!! Cheers to … Continue reading New Blog Design, New Me!