Favorite TV Shows to Binge Watch!

Let’s be honest. It rains a TON in Dahlonega. The only thing I want to do when it rains is watch Netflix on my laptop. That gave me the idea to create a list of my favorite TV shows to watch while it rains!

  • The Twilight Zone– This show is a classic! There’s something about black and white TV shows and narration by Rod Sterling that make me want to get bundled up in my blankets. I know that there was a remake that was just released, but I will most likely always want to watch the original.
  • You– This creepy show might make you a little paranoid, but it’s worth the watch. I got so hooked that I finished all of season 1 in two days. Season 2 is coming to Netflix so watch season 1 soon!
  • Queer Eye– Wanna feel good for a little bit? Sure you do! This is the ultimate makeover show. There’s nothing I love more than an hour of this show (or more!). Warning: This show will make you cry with almost every episode so break out your tissues! I hope you Shannon this show as much as I do! (a little reference for ya!)
  • Stranger Things– For a while I was that person who was living under a rock. All my friends talked about this show and of course I had to be the last person to see it, but I’m so glad I did. Now, I’m not a huge fantasy fan, but this show still makes it on my favorites list every. single. time. It is a definite MUST-WATCH!!!!
  • Rupaul’s Drag Race– This is my ultimate guilty-pleasure TV show. There’s nothing I love more than picking a queen and praying that she takes the coveted Drag Race crown. With gag-worthy lip syncs and sickening runway looks, get ready for the tea henny.
  • Buzzfeed: Unsolved – At 20 minutes an episode, I would absolutely count this as a TV show. Shane and Ryan bring a new true crime investigation or a supernatural occurrence with each episode as they dive into the history behind them and theories surrounding them. Not only adding little doses of humor, but also giving creepy stories with every episode.

Those are all on the top of my must-watch list! What’s on your must-watch list?

See y’all with the next post!

-Lauren 🙂

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