My Jesus Routine

Hi Guys! Happy Sunday to you all! HAPPY EASTER! What a great day to celebrate JESUS! I hope your week was great!

I want try something new where I spend more time with Jesus, and what a better way to start than with this! I know that I definitely need more TLC aka Time Loving Christ. Every Sunday, I would like to start posting a verse and what it means to me. I hope this helps my upcoming weeks get just a little better.

When thinking about an idea for this post, I bounced back and forth between “my beauty routine” and “my favorite verses.” Though I would love to eventually make both posts happen, I truly felt lead to put my “Jesus routine” into the world.

By “Jesus routine” I’m referring to my routine that I use to better my relationship with Christ. It’s important to me that I do at least one thing everyday to make my relationship stronger.

the routine:

  • In my room, I have verses all over. Not only do I want my mind to be surrounded by God, but I want my room to be as well. As a college student, I spend 99% of my time in my room, so it’s a nice reminder to have verses on my wall and bulletin board.
  • Also, I carry around many faith-based books in my bookbag. I have a prayer journal, a prayer box, and books to study verses. These help because I can carry them with me, and whenever I get free time, I can pull them out and read.
  • I also keep my bible next to my bed to read when I need Jesus’ word.
  • When I need guidance, I have many friends on campus that I can turn to if needed.
  • Last but not least, I use the Bible app to send daily versus to my phone. There are many apps like Sprinkle of Jesus and Echo Prayer to remind yourself to read the word or pray! Having notifications on my phone are a great way to remind me of Jesus’ love!

I know it doesn’t seem like I do a lot, but it fits perfect in my everyday life, and trust me, it does the job.

What is your Jesus routine? Leave it in the comments below!

Next Sunday, I’ll be back with my new weekly verses! Have a great week! See you on the next post!

-Lauren 🙂

One thought on “My Jesus Routine

  1. The Invisible Black Box says:

    My Jesus routine is “123” . I am a new believer, since December.. Been ups and down.. But I thrive to seek God’s presence and I am GRATEFUL He gives me the longing for seeking Him.
    The 123 is : 1. Pray once I wake up 2. Read His words 3. Sing praises for Him.
    Someone close to my heart told me that it is IMPORTANT to connect to God first each morning before connecting to the surroundings and the world.
    When I didnt connect to God first, my soul became low throughout the day..

    I hope you keep sharing your POVs about God, because I wish to connect with like-minded people and not easy to find one here…

    Jesus bless us! Stay strong in Christ


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