Spring 2019 Beauty Favorites and Routine

Happy Thursday guys! I hope your day has been great! I know my week has been pretty good. How was your week?

My last beauty post did very well, and since its spring, I thought I would do it again!

I’ll be honest, beauty takes a backseat in my life recently. Since I don’t wake up until 15 minutes before class on some days, I don’t necessarily wear makeup. Sometimes, I don’t even wear makeup at all. With that being said, my makeup routine on a day to day basis varies depending on what time I wake up.

If I wake up 15 minutes before class…

I typically spend more time on my outfits since not many other girls on campus put a lot of effort into makeup and hair.

If I’m having an extra good day, I use mascara and concealer (if needed).

Products I use…

  • This Ulta mascara is still one of my holy grail products. I got it right before school started, and it still feels brand new. I highly recommend this product since its cheap and reliable.
  • This Tarte concealer is a little pricey, but it has amazing reviews for a good reason. A little goes a long way with this product, but it will last forever. If you’re worried about the price, get a mini sized one to try!

If I wake up early enough…

I will use a primer for my face just to give a smoother look. I like this more than foundation on a day-to-day basis since I want my face to breathe.

After primer, I’ll put a small bit of concealer under my eyes or on any problem spots on my face. Thanks to the extra bit of sleep I get, undereye bags don’t bother me too much.

After concealer, I’ll finish my face off with a bit of highlight for a bit of a dewy look.

Then, I’ll start on my eyes. I typically only use mascara and a bit of liquid eyeshadow for some color. Sometimes I’ll brush some tinted brow gel on my brows to thicken them a bit.

Products I use…

  • These Stila liquid eyeshadows are AMAZING. They have such an amazing formula, but beware, they are very very pigmented. If you want a sheer look like I do, only use a little tiny dot rather than swiping all of it on.
  • I really like using this Ulta brow tint because I am not the best at doing my brows, but this makes the process so much easier (and cheaper!).

And that is my beauty routine (with products) for Spring 2019! I hope you guys are able to find some new products to try.

What are your favorite beauty products and routine? Let me know in the comments below!

I hope the rest of your week is great! I have a post coming up on Sunday that I’m very excited about so stay tuned!

See you all Sunday!

-Lauren :))

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