Finals Prep Hacks!

Hi y’all! Happy Tuesday 🙂 I hope you guys have had a great week! I know I have! My sister got married over the weekend, and it was the cutest ceremony ever. But now that fun time is over, it’s time for work (sadly).

The one thing I realized that I needed the most for finals last semester was a plan of action. I spent so much time freaking out about the idea of finals that I didn’t do as much studying as I would’ve hoped. Sometimes, I wonder if it was the difference between a B and an A.

I have learned so much from my past finals experience that I can now put a list together of things that I’ll be doing to help my finals week go the best it can!

  • Do yourself a big favor and clean out your bag. Whether its a bookbag or a purse… PURGE! You don’t need that random receipt from Chick-Fil-A, and it’s adding to your stress I promise. I cleaned out my bookbag right before this week started, and it completely took a weight off my shoulders (literally!!!). The last thing you need is to be walking around campus with a cluttered bag.
  • Make a list of all the things you need to get done. I promise it’ll feel so much better to physically check off an item from a to-do list. There are many apps available for to-do lists, but I mostly prefer to use the sticky notes on my laptop. Nothing has made me happier lately than completing an item off my list.
  • Schedule breaks to turn your brain off. The biggest mistake I made last semester was stressing for finals so early and so often that by the times finals came around, I was already tired. Sometimes mindless entertainment or robotically scrolling through Instagram can be beneficial, as long as it doesn’t replace studying.
  • The library is a great place to study on campus. Our campus has little cubicles in our library, and it is open late during finals week. It is the best place to focus and get your work done.
  • Since studying late is part of finals week culture, it is important to have snack food around so late night munchies wont get you down. Not every place on campus is open late, so sometimes having extra food in your dorm can help a lot.

Finals week is most definitely the scariest part of the year, but it can be easily navigated with the right amount of work.

Let me know what tips and tricks work best for you!

I’ll see all of you next time with my next post!
Have a blessed week you guys!

-Lauren :))

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