48 Hours in Dahlonega

I would argue that Dahlonega is known for two things– Gold and the college that resides here, University of North Georgia. Dahlonega is that adorable little town that feels like home away from home. Even after being here for a year, I’m still finding new parts of this town I haven’t see before.

Dahlonega is the perfect place for a staycation, or even a two day vacation, for those of you a little further away.

Day 1

When you first get up to Dahlonega, I highly recommend walking around the square and really taking all of it in. It is very easy to do a quick walkthrough and finish the whole square in an hour or two, but visit every store and really look around.

Some of the stores are a little on the pricey side, but there are some hidden gems, so you really gotta look for it.

I have found an adorable little ring that looks similar to some I saw at Pandora, and the deal was 3 for $27 if I remember correctly. Or something like that. Now these rings aren’t gonna be the most beautiful and extravagant rings, but if you want a ring to use for stacking, then these are perfect.

The square also has a general store that is absolutely adorable. It has a lot of classic candy, little trinkets, and cute souvenir t-shirts. I could be there for hours just looking at everything.

Also, bring your appetite to Dahlonega. There are so many good restaurants to go eat at. Since my boyfriend and I go out on date night once a month, we’ve started planning out the restaurants were gonna go to for each. We could be together for years before we finish all the restaurants in Dahlonega. Okay, that is a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the point. Lots of good food.

Some of my favorites are Spirits Tavern (the best burgers EVER), 19 Degrees (if you’re a fan of seafood, then you’ll like this place), and Shenanigans (try the black and blue salad. trust me).

For some sweets? Oh man, where do I start. There are two fudge places in the square and they are both so good. Also, I forgot the name of it, but there is this little café. It’s next to the general store, and it has the best little desserts.

Day 2

The next best thing about Dahlonega is being outdoors. Now, I’ll be honest, I’m not gonna jump at the opportunity to hike because I don’t like hiking, but since we are in the mountains, I would recommend it.

There are lots of good places to hike at around here, and for fish out of water, tubing is everywhere. We are very close to the Appalachian trail, and it is a pretty hike. Lots of my friends love going up to Bell Mountain and Blood Mountain.

Have a little hiking bag packed of snacks, maybe a little picnic, and enjoy the views of the mountains.

Day 2 seems short written down, but hiking and tubing will take a while so both will take up your whole day.

Feel free to switch the days around to your liking. This is just my perfect Dahlonega staycation dream. What is your Dahlonega staycation dream?

Thank you for reading another blog post, and I hope you continue to read more!

Until next time,

Lauren :))

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