Spring Semester Must-Haves

Hi guys! Happy Friday! It feels so good to have another school week done. I’m pretty excited for this semester because I can already tell that I wont get as burned out as I did last semester. Note to self: no more 8 am classes.

With that being said, I had a general idea of what I needed for this semester to keep me afloat, and I thought I would share my must-haves for a new semester!

Bullet journals, like this one to the left, have became a new obsession of mine thanks to my roommate. Her bullet journal looks so good, and it really allowed for personal customization. Also, I loved how I was able to choose to make it like a journal or an agenda. Mine currently looks like an agenda with a mix of journal elements. They are probably the most must-have item on this list.

Airpods are pretty pricey, I know, but they are sooo worth it. I bought them halfway through my last semester, and now I can’t imagine my life without them. A friend convinced me to buy them, and since I convinced my mom and boyfriend to get them. It’s a cycle. These have gotten a lot of hype, but it’s justified. They are Bluetooth, and can do pretty much everything you’d want them to.

Not to be dramatic, but my spotify premium account saved my life. You’re either an Apple Music fan or a Spotify fan, and either is fine as long as you have a music streaming service. Buying music can get pretty expensive, but streaming services keep it cost-effective for students and you can download playlists for offline use. Most services have a student discount so USE IT! They are worth it!

I’ve had an ID wallet and lanyard all through high school and now in college. I wouldn’t say this is a crucial item, but it had helped me keep my wallet, keys, and student ID together. It’s a good item for that little extra bit of organization in your life.

Thank you for reading another post! I’m glad I get to share my favorites with all of you! What are your favorite supplies for school?

Until next time,

Lauren :)))

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