new semester, new beginnings

Hi guys! Long time no talk. Right after my last post, I had to fall into the groove of finals week. It was not fun at all. Also, I had to deal with the stress of the holidays, so I’m finally back from my hiatus.

Last semester did not exactly go the way I wish it would. I had a lot of drama in my life, plus my grades were not going the best. Despite my challenges, I ended the semester pretty well. I got rid of the causes of my drama and fixed my grades. Not too shabby.

For my new semester, I put a lot of goals in place for myself. Just because I ended the semester better than expected, doesn’t mean I can stop trying my hardest.

With that being said, my first goal is to get grades better than the ones I had this past semester. I had mostly A’s and some B’s, but I’m shooting for all A’s!

Also, I want to get my study habits in check. Last semester I didn’t study as much as I would’ve liked, so now I’m focusing on changing that.

Last but not least, I need to put some energy into time management. Having a boyfriend, friends, school, and work to balance is a lot, but I want to give each the amount of attention that they deserve. I love hanging out with my boyfriend and friends, but I need to give a lot of time to work and school, so I may have some figuring out to do.

I’m pretty excited for this new semester! I think everything is gonna go well, and I cant wait to see what I get to accomplish!

Thank you to everyone who has read my posts and I begin my blog! It means the world :)) -Lauren

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